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Jan 13, 2013 7:00am PST
on the all guns all the time ideology and put armed guards in every american school. the nra promises to marshall their formidable, political and financial resources to fight any new reforms every step of the way. they will do so with the support of allies in congress, most notably republicans on the house committee who continue to propose limits on assault weapons. no surprises there. by now, we are familiar with the political players and per am ters with the debate that feels as old as the second amendment itself or at least we think we are. because history tells us a different story. it tells us that all of our uniquely american relationships to guns, who is allowed to have them, who feels threatened by them and how our laws seek to find a balance between the two extremes have never been fixed. in fact, that history reflects a series of ever evolving, conflicting contradictory points that have been characterized not by policy, but panic. panic over perceptions of who is with us and who is against us. this time, it is a panic inspired by the fear a madman will walk into a public spa
Jan 19, 2013 7:00am PST
and stripped of the book. the case he hoped to make for banning gun control bolstered the nra. so it is the minutia of the footnotes and the insider turned the discourse on guns in america. so in the heat of the debate, everyone has an opinion, but not everyone knows the inside game. i want to know what are the political footnotes that we should be checking if we want to get the are real scoop on what is happening in d.c., so let's play some small ball with folks who know the inside of washington, d.c. with me is marian wright edelman, founder and president of the children's defense fund and also mayor mark klinechman who is author of "against guns. ooh" and also, a parent whose daughter was shot and injured in the mass shooting in va tech in 1997 in which 32 people were murdered. and amy walter who is senior editor of the "cook report." thank you all for being here. amy, i want to thastart with yo because the biggest part of being a inside is knowing what questions you should ask, so as gun control, what should we be asking? >> well, as washington insider with retalk about the po
Jan 12, 2013 7:00am PST
in the constitution has limits, and the limits are extraordinary important, and no absolute right. so when the nra or whoever is becomes absolutist about it, it is completely wrong. >> so no absolute right whether it is the freedom of the speech which has limits orrer the right to bear arms and there is also no absolute power when it comes to the context of the preside y presidency, so if we are on a pathway of how armed we are are as a nation, we are on a pathway in terms of the presidential power, so what can the president do? what can the vice president do in this moment on the issue of guns? >> well, it is really interesting, because we can see the ways in which the public is hungry for something to happen. and gun control is an incredibly complicated issue, so this is a moment where executive action would make people feel like we are doing something here. some of the things that they have talked about in terms of asking the d.o.j. to prosecute the gun laws that we have or actually appoint someone to atf and these are the concrete things that the president can do that the public says at least
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)